The core of our staff have many years’ experience with some of the UK’s largest construction companies in major civil projects including; aviation, bridges, marine, roads and structures. This experience is used to work closely with our clients creating a commercial advantage at each stage of all projects with an efficient & fully integrated solution for any type of civil engineering project.

Rainham Steel - Gantry Construction

JemBuild’s first contract with Rainham Steel, a £1.7m 34 week scheme to construct 3no. 120m long steel gantries at the Rainham Steel distribution centre in Scunthorpe. Formed in 1973 Rainham are […]

Rainham Steel - Warehouse Extension

JemBuild’s second successive contract with Rainham Steel, a £1.6m 26 week scheme to construct a 10,000m² triple bay triple bay warehouse extension to an existing steel storage warehouse at the Scunthorpe […]

Croda Chemicals - Civil Works

JemBuild dual contract award from Croda International. The initial award of a £1.2 million project is the first step in a £27m investment of the global chemical giant announced recently at the companies […]

Perishable Hub Building

A 12000 sqft Perishable Hub Building located at Humberside International Airport provided to relocate European Terminals from a smaller unit within the Airport grounds to this new site to enable the increase […]

Baggage Handling facility

The construction of a new baggage handling facility at Humberside International Airport. Works involved the supply of a new insulated steel framed building, electrical/heating works, flooring and decoration […]

Runway HD Drainage Works

The installation of 150lm of HD Gatic drainage complete with three manholes on taxiway 2 at Humberside Airport complete with the removal of the existing runway drainage channels. Works carried out between […]

Runway Resurfacing

The 9000m2 full plane out and resurfacing of the main taxiway. All works carried out between 10am and 5am over a five-day period.

Trinity West Bus Stop Relocation

The S278 works included the relocation of several City Centre Bus Stops to facilitate the new Trinity West shopping centre construction. Works had to be carried out in a timely logistical and detailed […]

Otley A660 Retaining Wall

The removal of a 3m high existing stone retaining wall adjacent to the A660, works included sheet piling to enable the installation of a mass fill concrete retaining wall providing a permanent support […]

Oasis Academy, Immingham Section 278 works

The construction of the new Oasis academy in Immingham necessitated the remodelling of the existing Pelham Road, the main thoroughfare in Immingham. The 6 week programme of works involved the provision […]

Carr Lane Carriageway Renewal

Carr Lane serves the locality as a major through road between Grimsby and Cleethorpes. A highly populated area and school thoroughfare necessitated considered and detailed planning to ensure the minimum […]

Tiru Recycling - Silo Base and Concrete Paving

The construction of a large silo base and external concrete paving within a live recycling plant.

Evans Transport - New Transit Warehouse

The design and construction of a 2600m2 new transit warehouse. Works also included the installation of external drainage and attenuation, external paving, security fencing and lighting.

Bentall Rowlands - Concrete Service Yard

The provision of a 2500m2 reinforced concrete service yard including the provision of new drainage, attenuation, fencing and concreting works.