Project Description

JemBuild dual contract award from Croda International.

The initial award of a £1.2 million project is the first step in a £27m investment of the global chemical giant announced recently at the companies Oak Road site in North Hull. The scheme involves the construction of a significant new road structure and associated drainage within a brownfield site to facilitate the sites expansion.

Croda make and sell speciality chemicals that deliver real benefits to a range of diverse products including health and beauty, engine lubricants, plastics and many more.

Their business is split into three core market sectors: Personal Care; Life Sciences made up of Crop Care and Health Care and Performance Technologies made up of Coatings and Polymers; Geo Technologies; Home Care; Lubricants and Polymer Additives. In all areas of the business their key focus is on developing and delivering innovative ingredients sustainably.

A second successive contract was awarded whilst we were on site, the construction of a new £1.1m piled Stores building.

Prior to piling of the building we had to carry out a £20,000 ground penetrative survey over the whole area of the proposed building to check for unexploded bombs dropped during WWII as the Croda site was subject to a high density of bombing due to the concentration of industry situated nearby and its proximity to the River Humber, which provided a clear means of navigation for the Luftwaffe pilots – no bombs were found!

Project Details

Client:Croda Chemicals