Project Description

Works to create a new habitat for wintering birds over 37 Hectares of existing farmland, farmland will be returned to meadow with areas lowered to form wetlands. The works included the formation of 2 no wader scrape areas (10000m2 total) adjacent to a central ditch firstly by removing topsoil and storing on site, the reducing subsoil levels average 400mm deep and then reinstating topsoil, tripping site topsoil over an area of 30000m2 and storing to provide area to place subsoil from wader scrapes, re-grading subsoil and reinstate topsoil over the subsoil, the sealing of land drains to the central ditch (1000m long) and installation of new sluice gate to allow the water table to be raised locally around the wader scrapes, mitigation of the increase in water level 1100m of the boundary ditches are to be widened of ditches and a further 300m cleaned and scraped, the installation of boreholes to monitor ground water levels, the trimming of various hedgerows and trees adjacent to wader scrapes to reduce risk of predatory birds, the ploughing, tilling and seeding works over the site – 37200m2 and the installation of timber posts & rail fencing around adjacent property boundary.

Project Details

Client:Associated British Ports (Hull)