Project Description

Our largest project awarded by Associated British Ports, Immingham the largest port (by tonnage) in the UK.

As part of ABP’s Humber flood defence strategy contract the works involved the provision of new infrastructure to facilitate the installation of larger lock entrance gates. Works included the installation of 5km of ducting, major drainage and service diversions, the diversion of a Northern Power Grid 11kVa Feeder cable, supplying 2no oil storage facilities and the diversion 11kVa ABP cable, supplying the main Dock Offices. Works also included the design and construction of a bespoke lock gate stand designed to support a 160 ton lock gate along with the relocation of two Lock Gates, HGV turning area.

Following the completion of this contract and working in partnership with Ravestein Marine the second phase of the project involved the construction of piled foundations to facilitate the new lock gates. Works were demanding,

harzardous and very challenging on site working directly on the lock side between daily live shipping movements. Four 150m3 foundations complete with 80 tons of reinforcement were constructed to accommodate the

main rams and top anchorages. Within these works, troughs were installed for hydraulic pipes and concrete supplied and laid to the dock bottom in preparation for the installation of the new lock gates.

Project Details

Client:Associated British Ports - Immingham